A&F Technology, Inc. can meet the demands for a more effective and reliable network solution with our network management approach.  We believe as network traffic continues to grow the need for a productive and reliable network will be greater.

A&F Technology, Inc. provides a suite of network services needed to support your network activity, from voice, data to video applications.  We can support all your network activity needs.  Whether you require a single component or a global network solution A&F Technology Inc. can assist you and reaching your goal.  We provide everything you need to design, configure and operate high-speed, high-performance networks.

A&F Technology Inc. network management approach enables your company/organization to:

A&F Technology Inc. wide range of network services solutions provide complete life-cycle support for your company’s/organization’s network.  We supply the manpower, process, tools and technology to assure your company/organization of an effective reliable, flexible and secure network environment that meets it’s demanding business needs.

Our Basic Networking Offerings are:

  1. Network Design
  2. Network Engineering
  3. Network Implementation
  4. Network & Services Management
  5. Network Security

Network Design

A&F Technology, Inc. provides design solutions to support growth and change with flexible and scalable network environments.  With our experience and knowledge, we can perform a full range of consulting and design tasks.

First, our network engineers will work with companies/organizations to define their requirements for network capacity, functionality, equipment, and reliability.  We can help companies/organizations determine the right solution, which may include dedicated private or shared networks, virtual private networks, intranets, and the Internet.

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Network Engineering

Once a design has been completed, A&F Technology, Inc. supplies the engineering capabilities to produce a more detailed network architecture, high-level bill of materials, and implementation guidelines.

To make sure every detail is covered, we employ a comprehensive approach that identifies objectives for all phases of the network life cycle.  By using such an approach, our engineers assess factors such as the impact on the existing applications, new configuration requirements personnel responsibilities for configuration change and control, network management considerations and possible training needs.  Making factors such as these part of network engineering, we will help our clients achieve maximum network performance and avoid costly surprises in the future.

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Network Implementation

A&F Technology, Inc. provides complete integration, installation, testing and training services while implementing a network solution.  Our experienced staff assures swift, trouble-free delivery of all services.

Once installation is complete, we can test the network to verify its performance is as designed.  Then we can train individual staff members to ensure optimum use and management of the network.  Following full integration, A&F Technology, Inc. can conduct an analysis to compare actual outcomes with the design objectives.
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Network & Services Management

In today’s high-performance, high-speed, network environments network management is key.  A&F Technology, Inc. can provide network management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To enhance your network management capabilities, we furnish everything you need to gain complete management visibility and control of your network assets.  We provide start-to-finish capabilities needed for fault management configuration, configuration management, accounting and security.
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Network Security

A&F Technology, Inc. has the capabilities to make sure your company’s/organization’s network meets modern security requirements.

We conduct performance measures and security audits to ensure that your company’s/organization’s network and installation sites conform to critical security guidelines.  We can define a security architecture, develop an implementation and management strategy based on requirements for intrusion detection and action, and supply advanced firewall and cryptographic support.  A&F Technology, Inc. security specialists offer up-to-date experience and expertise with encryption and firewall technologies and can provide multiple layers of security and access controls as needed.

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