A&F Technology, Inc. Information Security solutions protects your information whether it resides in a database, a local desk top environment, or being transported globally.  We can enable your network to operate at a high state of readiness to prevent and/or adapt to the new threats that will emerge relentlessly in the years ahead.

A&F Technology, Inc. focuses on delivering the five critical elements of information assurance:

  1. Data Integrity - assures that data received over your network is accurate and complete, even as the network is upgraded and enhanced over time.
  2. Confidentiality - assures that online intellectual property, correspondence, and other information is  protected from unauthorized access.
  3. Availability - assures that your network infrastructure makes information available at the level your company or organization operations requires, both locally and globally.
  4. Identification and Authentication (I&A) - assures that network users are authorized to access information and that they are who they say they are.
  5. Non-repudiation - method by which the sender of data is provided with proof of delivery and the recipient is assured of the sender's identity, so that neither can deny having processed the data.
  1. Network Security Consulting
  2. Network Security Assessment
  3. Security Policy Development
  4. System Design and Integration
  5. Network Security Evaluation and Testing
  6. Operational Support
  7. Operation and Maintenance

Network Security Consulting

Our network security consultations offers your company/organization network and information systems security expertise to assist and complement your existing staff.  We review security configurations and suggest alternatives, review proposals, make presentations, and lead your staff in discussions on commercial and government security issues from both the local and the national perspectives.

Your company/organization will benefit from an expert evaluation of your information technology resources and vulnerabilities on which to base effective risk management and investment decisions.

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Network Security Assessment

A&F Technology, Inc. conducts an end-to-end analysis of your network environment and current information assurance and security posture.  We inspect your facilities and their surroundings, interview employees, review architecture and configuration documentation, analyze connectivity and access controls, and study security policies as they pertains to your company's/organization's needs.

You get a thorough identification of vulnerabilities and recommendations of solutions in order to protect your information technology resources.

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Security Policy Development

A&F Technology, Inc.  provides an independent review of your information assurance posture.  We examine existing policy statements, assess implementation efforts, and identify weaknesses.  We can assist, as needed, in the development, writing, and updating of your security and information assurance policies and help you clarify your most important security policy needs.

A&F Technology, Inc. offers your company/organization guidance in developing a coherent policy statement that unifies all considerations, requirements, priorities, assumptions, and responsibilities.  The end result is the most effective information assurance assurance guidelines for your company's/organization's needs.

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System Design and Integration

A&F Technology, Inc. combines information assurance with recognized systems integration expertise to configure powerful and flexible safeguards right into your company's/organization's network.  A&F Technology, Inc. works with clients to design information assurance and integrate them with your current network infrastructure.  We, also, can help your company/organization make information assurance an integral part indesign of other information technology systems and networks.

A&F Technology, Inc. can assist companies/organizations in inserting information assurance early in the design cycle, giving them maximum efficiency and cost avoidance right from the start.

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Network Security Evaluation and Testing

A&F Technology, Inc. employs automated and specialized expertise to evaluate your internal network for security vulnerabilities.  We can conduct a segment-to-segment analysis of the consequences of a security or network configuration breakdown, and provide information on the security weaknesses of connections to other networks, host, and devices.  We can test part or all of your individual systems to document how well each meets your company's/organization's needs.

A&F Technology, Inc. gives valuable data with recommendations on how to invest in security functionality and what degree of robustness your company/organization needs to continue operating securely.

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Operational Support

A&F Technology, Inc. provides near real-time operational integrity status of the assured delivery environment through comparative analysis of component performance data gathered on a continuous basis.  We use a wide variety of standard utilities, as well as mapping and exploitation techniques, to test connections, firewalls, and boundary networks.

A&F Technology, Inc. periodic revisits sites both announced and, as directed by companies/organizations, unannounced, in order to establish a framework of security readiness to their operating environments.

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Operation and Maintenance

A&F Technology, Inc. provides third-party outsourcing to operate and maintain company's/organization's resources; as well as, its information assurance components--or the information assurance components alone. A&F Technology, Inc. stays current with the most effective tools and products for information assurance in order to provide companies/organizations with the best information assurance solution possible for their needs.
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